If we want to create extraordinary babies, let’s start by creating extraordinary mothers.


So frequently, women ask, ‘What can I do? I so want to become a mother.’

I offer the following words of heartfelt encouragement. Be the most loving mother you can be to yourself– in all facets of your life. Choose to nurture yourself; make this the priority. You will not only increase your chances of bringing a healthy child into this world– you will also give birth to the best version of YOU.

Modern day stress has become an unintentional form of birth control for many women in today's fast passed world.

I can help you get off that merry-go-round!

Early on, I began noticing a growing trend among female patients in my clinical practice. Women with non-related fertility issues in their 20’s and 30’s were mirroring the same lifestyle markers as those in the throws of infertility treatment. Both groups of women were eating on the run, skipping meals, working 10-plus hours daily, too much caffeine and too little time for themselves.

I knew from years of clinical experience, the women with “non-related” fertility issues would eventually end up back in my office down the road facing their own fertility challenges if they didn’t incorporate lifestyle and dietary changes. And, that’s exactly what I started to see.

Mother’s Path

Mother's Path Image

I created Mother’s Path program to embrace the challenges of today’s infertility. I offer a structured way to reshape your life that encourages conception while minimizing the risk of miscarriage. Your fertility is not just about your age or the quality of your eggs. Reproductive health is also a reflection of your overall health as well as your partner’s.

Factors that Could be Impacting Your Conception:

  • Fluctuating blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Compromised cortisol levels
  • Thyroid issues
  • Gut permeability & digestive issues
  • Poor nutrition & food sensitivity
  • Environmental factors & toxins

Mother’s Path Can Help You and Your Partner Achieve Optimal Hormonal Health via a Comprehensive Evaluation of the Following:

  •  Daily lifestyle choices
  •  Nutrition / Diet
  •  Work habits
  •  Stress management
  •  Life balance

I’m a fertility detective and will leave no stone unturned!

I Offer a Personalized “Preconception” Fertility Program, Tailored Just for YOU!

No two women are exactly alike. Mother’s Path Program is customized to meet your specific fertility needs and includes the following:

  • Optimal Fertility Diet
  • Optimal Gut-Fertility Health
  • Personalized Supplementation
  • Lab Recommendations
  • Detoxification
  • Enhanced Lifestyle Choices

Whether you live in Atlanta, Charleston, Washington DC or anywhere in the United States.

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Initial Consultations: 90 minutes
Follow-up Session: 45 minutes
After our Initial Consultation, I recommend 4 to 8 follow-up sessions to promote and support optimal results.

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