I focus on root cause resolution. It’s where ALL healing begins and genetic potential is transformed.

How I Treat

No woman is ever deficient in an oral contraceptive to regulate her cycle or to resolve her acne. Nor is a woman deficient in an SSRI because she battles with insomnia or anxiety. And, a woman is never deficient in an immunosuppressant drug due to a chronic skin condition or joint inflammation.

Your hormones, overall health and well-being are a reflection of what sits at the end of your fork, your microbiome, daily lifestyle choices and various other factors.

We’ll Explore Amazing Ways to Create Your Healing Resolution

Whether you live in Atlanta, Charleston, Washington DC or anywhere in the United States.

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Initial Consultations: 90 minutes
Follow-up Session: 45 minutes
After our Initial Consultation, I recommend 4 to 8 follow-up sessions to promote and support optimal results.

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