Ultimately, what we bring forth into our world gives birth to who we are each and every day. How we nurture ourselves nurtures our wellness.

I’m committed to ‘demystifying’ hormonal issues and various ailments plaguing women in today’s world.

About Me!

Meg Richichi is an Integrative Women’s Health Practitioner & Board Certified Acupuncturist with nearly 30 years of clinical expertise. She practiced in NYC for two decades and currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she sees Acupuncture clients while continuing to provide Telehealth services nationwide. Meg’s unique ‘East meets West’ approach has helped countless women overcome a vast range of hormonal imbalances, including PMS, infertility, thyroid issues, weight loss resistance, digestive disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Meg’s extensive studies and experience include training with preeminent experts in western functional medicine, nutrition, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, including healing practices in the Brazilian rain forest and Vietnam – in one of Ho Chi Minh City’s leading hospitals.

A lecturer and podcast host of The Hormone Lifestyle Zone — Meg has spoken to a wide range of audiences, including Food for Thought on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio, NYU Nursing Program, New York Hospital for Special Surgery, NYU Medical Center, Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates, Resolve and Equinox. Her expertise in women’s healthcare has been the subject of several interviews in publications including Vogue, The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, NPR and Refinery29, the Post and Courier.

Meg is committed to assisting women of all ages in creating wellness through her work as a health practitioner, lecturer and workshop facilitator. She feels deeply honored to walk this path with all sweet lovelies in today’s world.

What people are saying...


“Meg has been a primary force in completely changing my health and life around. When I went to se her I was over 100 lbs overweight, sick with breathing issues, high blood sugar, PCOS and hormonal issues. I have worked with her twice a month for about 8 months and have lost 70 pounds, have NO breathing issues, normal blood sugar and have had a regular cycle for the last 3 cycles. As a woman with PCOS this is life changing and huge. Meg looked at me holistically and has helped me tackle bad habits, nutrition, food sensitivities, genetic conditions and for the first time in my entire life I am on the road to health. I am so thankful to have found her and will continue to work with her to meet my health goals. If you are ready to tackle your health Meg will help you get there!”

Jessica Wolfrey, School Teacher,

Charleston, SC

“An amazing healer! I reached out to Meg after discovering her podcast (which provided me with a wealth of knowledge prior to me deciding to reach out for a session!) and we did a Zoom session— I live out in Los Angeles. After sitting with me for 2 hours and listening thoroughly, Meg gave me recommendations for diet and supplements that were seriously a game changer. I had been struggling with digestive issues that my doctor basically downplayed/ignored for 2 years, and after one session with Meg and making slight changes to my lifestyle, they were vastly improved. We meet for follow ups on Zoom now every few months to maintain and it's worth every penny. Thank you Meg!!!”

Joan Anderson,

Los Angeles, CA

“Meg Richichi is a true talent! She is a master at helping people heal and educating them in ways to live healthy lives, naturally. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I often refer my clients to Meg to assist in their healing process. I highly recommend Meg.”

Hillary Evans, Clinical Hypno-Therapist,

Charleston, SC

“I’m impressed with Meg both professionally and personally and feel truly blessed to be under her care! She has assisted me with her holistic view using both acupuncture and nutritional-supplement expertise to balance hormones, augment my energy levels, and adjust my view of self-care. I've never been to an acupuncturist who so deftly used needles – so gentle and efficient – I barely knew they were there. Meg is also a delightful person, and her warm, caring, upbeat nature only makes my time with her more enjoyable!”

Erin McCleary, MSW, LGSW-Therapist,

Washington, DC

“Meg gave us the help we needed to achieve a successful and healthy pregnancy. She is incredibly passionate about her work and honest as to what she can do to help. I would encourage anyone struggling with fertility or pregnancy to contact Meg Richichi for her opinion and recommendations before subscribing to conventional fertility treatments.”

Ellery Schauer, Operations Manager,

Charleston, SC

“I recently had a session with Meg via Skype. It was my first session with any practitioner via Skype and to my delight it was as intimate as being in her office and easier to fit into my schedule. The session itself was phenomenal, as previous to the call she spent significant time reading through the "health background" docs I filled out prior to our appointment – so when the call started we were able to jump right in.”

Emily Twomey, Global Director Marketing,

New York, NY

“Meg is an amazing practitioner. She brings a wealth of knowledge around holistic health from nutrition and supplements to acupuncture and alternative healing methods to her clients. She has truly helped me to transform my life. I had been struggling with low energy and weight gain and through her help, I have lost the weight and gained so much energy and feel like I can be more present for the beauty of life. She is also a great advocate for you and works with you to allow your healing journey to unfold, never forcing anything but working to find the best options for you. I highly recommend Meg as a holistic healer, acupuncturist, integrative health practitioner, and so much more. She is an amazing light in this world. Thank you Meg!”

Angie Caraviello, RN-Surgical Nurse,

Charleston, SC

“Meg is a gem. I was referred to her by my friend who is an OR nurse and sees Meg herself, so I knew I was going to be in good hands. What I didn’t realize was that in addition to Meg’s medical and nutritional expertise is an unparalleled devotion and genuine investment in each patient’s success. She approaches each patient through a holistic lens that allows her to address the many dimensions of health that go beyond the physical. That is what I believe makes her treatments and her protocols so powerful and effective. She works and practices from the heart and because she so fiercely fights for you and holds you to a high standard, you find that you also begin to hold yourself to a higher standard. Her passion for health and wellness inspires passion in her patients and this, combined with her decades of experience and research, makes her a powerhouse in the realm of functional medicine, women’s health, and nutrition.”

Penny Graham,

Charleston, SC

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