We don’t suddenly wake up one day with a fibroid or rheumatoid arthritis or low libido. Our hormones are a reflection of cumulative lifestyle choices and most importantly how well we're nurturing ourselves — daily.

Demystifying Hormone Imbalance

• Were you prescribed an oral contraceptive for irregular cycles, PMS or migraines?

• Have doctors told you it would be difficult to conceive naturally?

• Have you had uterine fibroids or polyps surgically removed only to have them grow back again?

• Are you still gaining weight no matter how many diets you’ve attempted?

We live in culture with little regard for self-nurturing. Modern day stress has become an unintentional form of birth control and a powerful endocrine disruptor. Many women, travel at a velocity that is out of rhythm with who they are – endless multitasking, long work hours, forgotten meals, too little sleep and too little time for oneself. Stress is the driving force behind most women’s hormonal imbalances and health issues today.

With over 25 years of clinical experience working with countless women, I consistently see the following stressors as key factors for PMS, PCOS, hot flashes, and nearly all hormone imbalances, including autoimmune disorders and cancer:

Seven Keys Impacting Women’s Hormones

By addressing “The Seven Keys Impacting Women’s Hormones,” women of all ages, including those plagued for months, years, and even decades of unwarranted symptoms, can turn their lives around.


Stress – compromised cortisol levels


Fluctuating blood sugar & insulin levels


Nutrition— standard American diet


 Food sensitivity & allergies


The gut microbiome— 70 to 80% of the immune system resides in the GI tract


Leaky gut syndrome


Environmental factors and toxins 

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