“I focus on root cause resolution.”


No woman is ever deficient in an oral contraceptive to regulate her cycle or resolve her acne.  Nor is a woman deficient in an SSRI because she battles with insomnia or anxiety.  And, a woman is never deficient in an immunosuppressant drug due to a chronic skin condition or joint inflammation.

Your hormones, overall health and well-being are a reflection of what sits at the end of your fork, daily lifestyle choices and various other factors. Together- we will explore amazing ways to create healing resolution.




When you're under stress your reproductive (sex hormones) take a back seat to what the brain's amygdale perceives as survival mode. This is why acupuncture can make a profound difference – it prods your body back into homeostasis, an innate place of calm.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing medical practices on the planet. Its origins date back more than 4000 years to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is rooted in the principles of Taoism – everything is energetically interconnected from the aches and pain we experience in our body to the emotional aches and pain we experience in our heart.  The Yin and Yang of life is a continuous cycle striving for balance in our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Acupuncture uses very fine needles to stimulate points located along meridian pathways – promoting the movement of Qi (also referred to as "life force"). Our body has an innate capability to heal itself and acupuncture can help stimulate and strengthen our immune response to ailments ranging from frequent colds and asthma to irritable bowel syndrome and allergies.

As an acupuncturist, my style is eclectic, well seasoned and gentle. I've treated nearly everything under the sun- from unexplained infertility and fiery heartburn to deep depression and debilitating sciatica. I feel blessed because I truly love what I do. 

Learn more about the conditions acupuncture can address


Demystifying Hormone Balance 


•  Were you prescribed an oral contraceptive for irregular cycles, PMS or migraines?
•  Have doctors told you it would be difficult to conceive naturally
•  Have you had uterine fibroids or polyps surgically removed only to have them grow back again?
•  Are you still gaining weight no mater how many diets you've attempted?

We live in culture with little regard for self-nurturing. Modern day stress has become an unintentional form of birth control and a powerful endocrine disruptor. Many women, travel at a velocity that is out of rhythm with who they are – endless multitasking, long work hours, forgotten meals, too little sleep and too little time for oneself. Stress is the driving force behind most women's hormonal imbalances and health issues today. 

“We don't suddenly wake up one day with a fibroid or rheumatoid arthritis or low libido. Our hormones are a reflection of cumulative lifestyle choices and most importantly how well we're nurturing ourselves-daily.”

With over two decades of clinical experience working with countless women, I consistently see the following stressors as key factors for PMS, PCOS, hot flashes and nearly all hormone imbalances including autoimmune disorders and cancer:

1) Stress- compromised cortisol levels
2) Fluctuating blood sugar & insulin levels 3) Nutrition- Standard American diet 4) Food sensitivity & allergies
5) Gut microbiome - where 80% of your immune system resides 6) Gut permeability (Leaky gut)
7) Environmental factors and toxins 

By addressing “The 7 Keys Impacting Women’s Hormones”- women of all ages, including those plagued for months, years and even decades of unwarranted symptoms, can turn their lives around.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

“Eating smart is about nurturing your body, fostering your mind, feeding your soul – and, being a good mom to YOU.”

Food is real medicine. Your kitchen is a potential apothecary for optimal health, balanced hormones, emotional freedom and a vibrant immune system unleashed by a healthy microbiome. And – what sits at the end of your fork is the deciding factor. 

Whether you're struggling to lose weight and want to create a new relationship with food, or you're experiencing any of the following:

•  Debilitating monthly cramps, acne or night sweats
•  IBS that never gets resolved
•  Autoimmune Disease pitfalls
•  Chronic over uses of antibiotics
•  Maybe you're tired of constantly feeling tired and your libido is starting to wane

I can help you get back on track by tailoring a Nutrition-Lifestyle Program that's right for you.


What to Expect

A Nutritional & Lifestyle Program specifically customized for you!


I'm a health detective – we'll explore every nook and cranny of your eating habits to create a vibrant food program that includes bountiful organic vegetables, fruits, grass fed and pastured meat, cold-water fish, nuts and an abundance of good fats. Mother nature intended for you to thrive and eating right will reap the following benefits: 

•  Resolve sugar cravings once and for all
•  Menstrual cycles without the drama of PMS, cramps or heavy bleeding
•  Managing stress with more ease and perspective
•  Looking younger and feeling mentally sharp
•  Maintaining a healthy BMI without starving yourself
•  Profoundly impacting depression and anxiety


I'll assist you in achieving a more balanced and mindful approach to your life that includes the following: 

•  Smart ways to manage your stress- that aren't stressful 
•  How to get a good night's sleep and feel refreshed while reducing belly fat
•  Movement and exercise suggestions that get you limber and motivated


In an ideal world, we would all be eating a nutrient dense diet but most people fall short of meeting their personal daily requirements for various vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. I'll suggest specific nutritional supplements that will support your particular needs, because no two people are alike!


Everyday, we're exposed to toxins ranging from pesticides and antibiotics in our food supply to petroleum-based compounds in our cosmetics and household products.  I'll enhance your ability to detox more efficiently via specific foods and supplements that will help reset your metabolism, increase your energy, strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk for cancer.


Initial Consultation: 105 minutes
Follow-up Session: 30 minutes
After the initial Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation, I recommend 6 to 8 follow-up sessions to promote and support optimal results.