A Board Certified Acupuncturist & Integrative Women’s Health Practitioner, located in Charleston, SC, and also working with clients remotely around the country. Meg Richichi has helped thousands of women struggling with infertility, PMS, PCOS, menopause, weight loss, chronic pain and a variety of other serious health issues.

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What I treat

I've studied extensively in the United States and abroad with renowned master acupuncturists, herbalists and physicians, including on-going course studies in functional medicine and holistic nutrition. Over the years, I've created a unique “East meets West” approach – helping countless women and men with a diverse range of symptoms and conditions.

•  Fertility & Hormonal Imbalances
•  Mental Health & Well-Being
•  Gastro-Intestinal Conditions
•  Auto-Immune Disorders
•  Pain & Sport Injuries
•  Respiratory & Sinus Issues

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How I treat


I focus on root cause resolution because no woman is ever deficient in an oral contraceptive to regulate her cycle or resolve acne. Nor is a woman deficient in SSRIs because she battles with insomnia or anxiety. And, a woman is never deficient in an immunosupressant drug due to a chronic skin condition or joint inflammation. 

Your hormones, overall health and well-being are a reflection of what sits at the end of your fork, daily lifestyle choices and various other factors. Together- we will explore amazing ways to create healing resolution.

•  Acupuncture
•  Demystifying Hormone Balance 
•  Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling 

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“Who we wish to become resides in the potential of who we presently are.”


About me

Meg Richichi is an Integrative Women's Health Practitioner and Board Certified Acupuncturist. Having practiced in New York City for two decades, she currently sees clients in Charleston, SC, while working with women around the country remotely. Meg's unique “East meets West” approach has helped thousands of women overcome stress-related hormonal imbalances including infertility, weight issues, autoimmune disorders, digestive struggles and an array of pain syndromes.

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