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I created the PCOS Revolution for women like yourself to feel heard and be seen.

Multiple factors trigger PCOS– a deficiency in oral contraceptives isn’t one of them.

I’ve been highly successful working with women like yourself for over two decades. I address the various underlying root causes impacting nearly 15 million women with PCOS in the United States.

Together, we’ll explore groundbreaking ways for you to take control of your hormones, drive down androgens, balance your blood sugar and get off the PCOS roller coaster. You’re invited to a revolutionary approach focusing on YOU and NOT your label.

I HEAR your disappointment and frustration!

Do you feel like you’ve fallen through the cracks of a broken system?

Are you being told oral contraceptives and metformin are your only options to restore your cycle?

Have you felt scolded – told to eat less and exercise more?

Have you also been told your only options for having a baby are Clomid and IVF?

What would it be like…?

To restore your natural cycle.

To toss your birth control and metformin and taking a proven approach that gets you off the PCOS roller coaster.

To achieve healthy body composition that isn’t based on caloric restriction but in real science.

To say goodbye to acne and hello vibrant skin.

To no longer have heavy bleeding that keeps you on iron supplements.

To be SEEN and be HEARD.

Are you willing to embrace a new approach that will transform your life?

Are you ready to become a PCOS Rebel?


What if your PCOS began in your mother's womb? Research shows how excess androgens, disrupting chemicals like BPA and heavy metal exposure in fetal development, contribute to dysregulating your endocrine system, hormone signaling, and ability to detoxify optimally. Also, studies show BPA concentrations and heavy metals are higher in women with PCOS than in women without PCOS.

PCOS anti-inflammatory food program

The foundation for your hormones starts with what sits at the end of your fork. We’ll explore every nook and cranny of your eating habits to create a vibrant food program that promotes ovulation, enhances insulin sensitivity, reduces androgens, supports healthy BMI and incredibly delicious!

Lab recommendations

I’m happy to review your existing lab work although, I may need to recommend other labs that will shed further light upon your PCOS picture.

PCOS gut-reset

What does your PCOS have to do with your gut? Plenty! Your gut microbiome is a major overseer of your hormones. A compromised microbiome and a leaky gut can interfere with your glucose levels and insulin response– thus boosting testosterone production in your ovaries leading to PCOS. It may be time for a PCOS Gut-Rehab-Reset!

Personalized supplementation

Sweet PCOS Rebels, we'll strategize how to best optimize your digestion and hormone signaling while supporting detoxification. We'll also look at supplements that drive down androgens, squelch insulin resistance and help eliminate excess estrogen. |I never bypass symptoms like acne, bloat, heavy bleeding, hair loss, inability to loose weight, anxiety, irregular and anovulatory cycles. I pay attention to all the details!

PCOS Rebel Lifestyle recommendations that include:

• Smart ways to manage your stress – that aren’t stressful

• How to get a good night’s sleep – feel refreshed while reducing belly fat

• Movement and exercise suggestions that keep you limber and motivated

• Tips on how to lower anxiety and diminish life’s noise

• Powerful ways to lean into your PCOS journey while creating new habits to give birth to a new YOU

Episode 35 Podcast - Meg Richichi

Work with me and become a PCOS Rebel!

The PCOS Revolution is an incredible opportunity for you to take control of your hormones and revolutionize your life.

Click Here For Your Complementary 15-Minute Discovery Session!  We’ll discuss your present PCOS challenges and  how you can take control of your hormones and reclaim your overall health.

What my PCOS Rebels are saying…

Portriat Of A Woman Holding A Cup Of Tea Of Coffee

I came to Meg suffering from PCOS, gut issues, anxiety, bouts of depression, and not feeling like “myself.” I had wanted to get off birth control, my MD told me it was my only option. After my first consultation with Meg, I felt like it was the first time someone took me seriously. Meg helped me come off BC, put me on a supplement regimen, and eat healthily. A month of working with her, I had seen significant changes in my energy levels, bloating, anxiety – I was able to come off BC. Working with Meg I got my period back. I’m happy to say for the first time in my life I have a regular cycle. I cannot recommend Meg enough and look forward to continuing my health and hormone journey with her.


Charleston, SC

Meg is unbelievably helpful in my healing from PCOS. I struggled over a decade, going from doctor to doctor with little help until I met Meg. I'm so grateful for her. She takes time to really understand you and your symptoms while creating a plan together. In her detective work, Meg uncovered that I also had H Pylori which was a cause of a lot of digestive and nutritional distress. In 4 months, I had a complete change in health to a feeling of wellness, vitality and energy I didn't think possible – not in such a short period of time! If you're looking for help with PCOS, I strongly recommend Meg. She's the best!


Chicago, IL

It’s hard for me to put into words how much life has changed since working with Meg. I’ve been on birth control from ages 15 to 30 for PCOS. I thought my husband and I would easily get pregnant. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I’m now 36 and we’ve gone through years of infertility treatments – two IUIs and one miscarriage. When I reached out to Meg I was exhausted from the shots, tests, blood draws, appointments and burnt out. My body was suffering, my stomach was a mess, tired all the time, lots of anxiety attacks, and doctors kept giving me pills and telling me to lose weight. Meg connected all the dots. Over the past three months I’ve lost 20 lbs. and started getting a period monthly. I feel like I’m birthing a new version of myself, and she is my midwife! No one has ever looked at the whole picture of my health during the fertility process like Meg! I wish I’d found her sooner. Thank you, Meg, for being the bright light during a very dark time for me!


Washington, DC

Whether you live in Atlanta, Charleston, Washington DC or anywhere in the United States.

Call or email me today for your FREE 15-minute Discovery Call!


Initial Consultations: 90 minutes
Follow-up Session: 45 minutes
After our Initial Consultation, I recommend 6 to 10 follow-up sessions to promote and support optimal results.

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