Why Plant-Based Minerals Are Essential For Women To Thrive & Rock Their Lives!

Why Plant-Based Minerals Are Essential For Women To Thrive & Rock Their Lives!

Women are designed to thrive! All we have to do is give our bodies what they need, specifically starting with our cells. We are comprised of trillions of cells that make up our skin, organs, neurotransmitters, hormones, and every bodily system. 

When I hear clients express how their hormones are out of balance or how they’re struggling with fatigue or brain fog or finding it difficult to lose weight, I always include cellular support. WHY? 

Cellular health is the foundational biomarker for overall health and hormonal balance. 

Many women, if not most, are deficient in minerals and why many struggle with a layering of health challenges.

Humic and fulvic acids found in our soil assist plants in absorbing nutrients. Every time we eat a fruit or vegetable, we’re ingesting humic and fulvic acids. These extraordinary minerals help our cells absorb nutrients, assist in mitochondrial energy production, and usher toxins out of our cells. 

Sadly, our present farming practices, combined with the effects of pesticides and herbicides, have left our soil depleted of minerals. Vegetables and fruit are lacking in essential minerals like zinc, iodine, manganese, molybdenum including humic and fulvic acids.

I’m thrilled to have Caroline Alan join me today on THLZ. She describes herself as a “humic and fulvic minerals geek,” and I’m a big fan! Caroline will share her health journey, which includes adrenal burn-out and systemic inflammation. Many of Caroline’s chronic health issues resolved as a result of taking humic and fulvic acids. She experienced such positive health effects from these minerals that Caroline co-founded BEAM Minerals.

May today’s episode change how you view supplements and what you need to thrive and rock your life.

Sweet Lovelies, Welcome to The Hormone Lifestyle Zone

BEAM Minerals is The Multi-Mineral Solution for Women and Men! I highly recommend starting your day with MICRO-BOOST & ELECTROLYZE!

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