“It’s not enough to give a woman an herb, a supplement or acupuncture to bring about optimal hormonal health. If we want women to adopt a healthful lifestyle we must set them along that the path with knowledge and tools to create educated choices regarding their health.”


Choosing the right nutritional supplements can make a vast difference in the quality of our overall health and well-being. That is why I highly recommend the following lines of products to you and all of my patients.


“Our genes are not our destiny – they're our greatest opportunity.”
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Designs for Health

Designs For Health is committed to delivering high quality nutritional supplements.
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NuMedica has pioneered the development of innovative, science-based nutritional supplements that are prescribed by thousands of healthcare practitioners globally. 

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NutriDyn Fruits & Greens

A daily drink with the antioxidant power of 20+ servings of fruits & vegetables.
Available in 8 delicious flavors! 

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