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Vitamin D Deficiency In Pregnant Women And Their Newborns Is On The Rise

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 0

Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women has been linked to increased risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery, including pre-eclampsia, C-section, bacterial vaginosis associated with pre-term delivery and gestational diabetes.

Dr. Carol Wagner from The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is the lead investigator for “Protect our Children NOW!” She has done extensive research in the area of Vitamin D and pregnancy.

According to Dr. Wagner, “…during the last decade we’ve studied more than a thousand women in the Charleston, SC area and what we found is that there is extensive deficiency among every group of woman… If mom is deficient than the developing fetus is also deficient.”

photo_food4thought_04Because Vitamin D is a hormone, it is essential to our over wellness.  Infertility, breast and colon cancer, MS and lupus are linked to Vitamin D deficiency.  Recent research indicates that optimal levels of Vitamin D range between 50-70 ng/ml. As I share with all my patients- lifestyle, diet, gut health and environmental toxins are also part of the big picture.

I applaud Dr. Carol Wagner for bringing  greater awareness to the Vitamin D crisis facing many women in South Carolina and across the United States via Protect our Children Now!.

Please watch this interview with Dr Carol Wagner:

So good people, whether your hang’n in Central Park or stroll’n along Folly beach, enjoy that magnificent sun cause it’s shining down on all of us!




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One of the most important factors in overall wellness is our emotional state of being. Even the CDC states that 85% of disease is caused by emotions. According to Chinese Medicine, most ailments must engage the energetics of the “fire element” — that being the heart.